Foot Examination is nothing but Checking Your Risk of Developing a Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Smoker's Foot

Diabetic Foot
This may not be far off,
'if ignored'

Smoking and Diabetic Mellitus

Cigarette smoke contains numerous identified chemicals and toxins that have specific
detrimental effects on the body. In many cases there effects are componded by diabetes.
Smoking reduces the amount of blood circulation in feet & legs. This is already a problem
with diabetes. This can lead to slow wound healing, painful cramping and even gangrene that can lead to a diabetic foot amputation.

Not only smoking slow down the blood flow but it also decrease the amount of oxygen
delivered to the tissue. Toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke specifically carbon monoxide
permanently block Oxygen transfer sites on the red blood cells that actually carry the oxygen to the tissues in feet.

Wound healing is also affected by smoking when there is a open wound the immune system fights the infection and fibroblasts grow new tissue to seal up the wound.
Both have to work properly foe wound to heal. Smoking directly affects the immune system and function of fibroblasts.

Smoking also decrease the rate, at which new blood vessels can form in area surrounding a wound. The growth of new blood vessels are must in order to allow the tissue to heal.

All the factors to Diabetic Foot usually leads to amputation. To prevent that there is only one thing you can do.....

QUIT SMOKING & Keep Diabetes under control.....

Dr. Girish Jawant