Foot Examination is nothing but Checking Your Risk of Developing a Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Foot Parlour

Diabetic Foot
This may not be far off,
'if ignored'

Foot Parlour Charges: Rs.50/- per session
(For Member: Rs.30/- per session)

Diabetic Foot Care includes Regular dressing for the foot, Regular Massage, Nail Cutting / Scrapping etc. Toenail fungus should also be treated. All such treatment can not be possible unless one has a complete infrastructure in house.

One can walk down regularly for the treatment he wants to receive from us & go for the routine jobs.


Every person in his lifetime walks for 1,15,000 miles. Our feet have 26 bones and 29 joints, 2 big blood vessels. Our feet has to bear the weight of our body for a life time, still the skin under our feet never gets sore of develop tears.

Our foot is very important as it always takes your weight while walking or standing. But if any one of them develops a problem then the person is in for trouble.

People become helpless when their feet get affected due to diabetes, bone disease, osteoporosis, joint pain or a wound. Feet are very important for dancers, sportsmen, runners etc. Person who is diabetic or addicted to alcohol and tobacco faces this problem due to their blood vessels and nerves and when the situation goes out of control and gangrene is formed then we have to cut the toes or even the leg.

It becomes difficult to walk when there is problem in joints, ligaments or due to osteoporosis.

All the people do not take proper care of their feet while bathing. When such an important part of body is neglected, it becomes unbearable when something untowed happens. That's why for the first time SANJIVANI HOSPITAL, Dombivli has started a FOOT PARLOUR.

Dr. Arun Patil who has been working for diabetics since the last 14 years has come out with this unique idea of Foot Parlour. Both the feet are kept in warm water for 5 minutes. Avoid hot water for diabetic patients as the sensation in their feet is less and their skin can get burnt. Savlon (antiseptic) and H2O2 is added to the luke warm water. Nails get softer to cut after dipping foor in water. Different way to cut the nails and also filing is done. Peds are given to wear and that portion is cleaned with spirit or savlon. Dirt is removed by brush from nails. Under foot is shown in the mirror.

Any ailments, wound etc. are treated. Sensation of the feet are tested by bringing them in contact with cold and hot water which are in a test tube. Checking of blood vessels and oil massage is also done. Exercises of leg and foot are conducted. Finally, advice on proper shoes and socks are given. Special training has been given to selected nurses for this purpose. Every three months tests are conducted for full body check-up, osteoporosis, foot sensation, etc. and all the records are maintained.

The foot parlour has been recently begun. Not only diabetics and addicts approach us, but also those who care about their feet have started utilizing this facility. Nearly 60 people have already taken advantage of this parlour.

Taking 15 minutes for the foot parlour is ensuring that you have strong and healthy feet for a lifetime. Remember, walking 1,15,000 miles id equal to "pradakshina" ( taking rounds around the earth) of earth four times and this is facilitated only by Sanjeevani.

The author of this book goes for long walks 2-3 times in a year and also encourages others to join him.

Last year one of our friends walked from Dombivli to Neral (45Kms) in celebration of his 25th wedding anniversary and also gave the slogan of "WALKING WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE" to the people he mate on his way.